The Ingredients You Need To Know About In Our Microneedling Pimple Patches - Stributique

Got a pesky pimple that just won’t quit? Pop a VICE REVERSA Pimple Patch on and move on. It’s as simple as that.

Why you ask? Because our patches are crammed with a cocktail of blemish-banishing ingredients that are ready to stop spots in their tracks and won’t give your pimple the chance to raise a whitehead. The microneedles on the patches penetrate the upper layers of the skin and make their way to the deeper layers of your skin where they dissolve leaving the active ingredients to do their thing – at the root of the breakout.

Learn more about these blemish fighting ingredients below and why you need to incorporate them into your skincare regime fast.

Salicylic Acid: If there was a single ingredient you’d want in a blemish-beating treatment, it’s Salicylic acid. Why? Well for starters, the BHA – which plays a major role in our Pimple Patches – banishes breakouts from three different angles. First, it purges your pores of pimple-causing bacteria and debris. Then, it wrangles in your skin’s oil production a little. And finally, it reduces the inflammation that comes with a pimple, making it less visible and painful.


EGCC (Green Tea Extract): Green tea is the skincare OG when it comes to its anti- inflammatory properties. We’re talking a reduction in irritation, swelling and redness. And not only does it work to reduce the inflammation of a pimple, green tea is also a powerful antibacterial ingredient which works to disinfect and dissipate a blemish, as well as clearing any clogged pores armed with the potential to create future blemishes.


Totorol: When it comes to city-proofing your complexion, Totorol has got other ingredients beat! Taking out the title of nature’s super antioxidant, totorol – found in our Pimple Patches – is three times stronger than Vitamin E when it comes to protecting you complexion from environmental pollution and UV damage. By playing defence with these external nasties, it’s also proven to prevent long-term damage from external aggressors.


Hyaluronic Acid: There’s a pretty good reason we chose to include hyaluronic acid in both our Plumping and Pimple Patches…With a superior ability to penetrate the skin (especially when applied via microneedle), paired with its natural inclination to bind water, this cult-favourite skincare ingredient works to nix fine lines by hydrating, improving elasticity and upping the skin’s natural collagen levels. Not only this, but it also assists with healing and repair, and improving our skin’s barrier, leaving it less prone to breakouts.


Madecassoside (Gotu Kola): When it comes to proven ingredients, you can’t beat one that’s been hailed for its restorative qualities for thousands of years. Madecassoside (AKA Gotu Kola) – which has been formulated into both our Plumping and Pimple Patches – is a jack of all trades when it comes to skincare concerns. A hero for anyone with inflamed acne, and even those of you with highly sensitive or reactive skin, this ancient ingredient works to heal skin quickly and effectively. Not only this, but its second role as a potent antioxidant has been seen to make your natural collagen work harder for you.