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Vice Reversa is here to change the way you experience skincare. It’s medical-grade technology that gives you serious results, free of pain and trauma. It’s microscopic crystallised serum needles that get potent active ingredients down right where they count. It’s visible results, delivered at the speed of modern life. The medical grade microneedle patches that deliver skincare in a uniquely effective way – getting the good stuff right into your skin. We use a patented crystallised serum needle technology to bring you and your skin serious results, free of pain and hassle. It’s skincare – moved on.

Vice Reversa

Microneedling skincare patches

Vice Reversa’s cutting-edge, medical-grade microneedle patches are revolutionising skin care across the globe. Utilising a ground-breaking delivery system, the patches transport ultra-fine molecules packed with active ingredients into the epidermis. The result: painless, effective skin care. Vice Reversa uses patented, crystallised, pain- and hassle-free serum needle technology for amazing results.

Stributique offers two patches in South Africa – one circular patch for pimples, the other bean-shaped patch for wrinkles. Each contains thousands of microscopic active ingredients in micro fine needles which penetrate the epidermis and dissolve to nourish and replenishing the cells.


Inhaler sticks

GO2 inhaler sticks contain 100% natural essential oils, used for centuries for their therapeutic benefits. These are now available anywhere, anytime, on-the-go through our user-friendly inhaler sticks.

Smell is our most powerful sense. And studies show that inhaling essential oils stimulates the brain’s limbic system which controls emotions, behaviours, long term memory, heart rate and breathing. Our inhalers are rated highly by UK consumers and are now available in SA.